Understanding Body Fat Percentages

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash What is Body Fat? What is it good for? Where should I be? Firstly, let's make sure we know what Body Fat is. Body Fat is the amount of fat in your body - makes sense right? Everything else you are made of consists of Organs, Muscles, Bones, Water, Tendons, Ligaments, Blood… Continue reading Understanding Body Fat Percentages

HIIT and The After-Burn Effect – Myth or Fact?

Love it or loath it, HIIT is certainly the new workout fad worldwide! I personally love HIIT as I'm more of a fast-twitch fibre girl (short intervals) & I love variation! But do you actually know the affects on your body post workout? What type of training is better? For starters, HIIT may or may… Continue reading HIIT and The After-Burn Effect – Myth or Fact?