No longer press ‘pause’ on your Health & Fitness

Stop hitting ‘pause’ on your health & fitness! An ‘all or nothing’ attitude won’t bring you results & bring you back to square one each time (or further behind where you started!)

I’ll get back to the gym as soon as….. (insert your excuse here) work slows down/the kids are back to school/we finish renovating the house……

Sound familiar? There is no ‘perfect’ time for a lot of things in our busy lives, so why press pause on your health, which has a trickle effect on the rest of your life. Instead of ‘All or Nothing’, think ‘something is better than nothing’. And here’s a fantastic graphic from Precision Nutrition to help you in all areas of your life to help you do something when all is too much.

I hope this helps put things into perspective for you. It’s great to have goals to strive for, just be kind to yourself when you can’t achieve everything you set out to – the main thing is to just keep going & do something. If you have a 5km run scheduled but something comes up, just do what you can, ie 2km & make space in your schedule so next time you’ll be able to complete your 5km.

Have a great day!

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